Competing game
The begining of a new era

Statement to retire from call of duty ghosts.
Since the BETA release of Destiny we have decided to no longer compete
in ghosts including advanced warfare when released.
The game has become very easy and very boring..
Great job in clan wars, we will be back competing in Destiny on launch.
If anyone is intresting in joining, please head over to the "apply to join" section.

About EF

Europe's finest are a clan dedicated to winning.
We carefully select only the best players in Europe who maintain good strong KDR's and WR's over a very long period of time.
Our players go back as far as the original clan from the old days.
Many are from resistance: fall of man and call of duty 4: Modern warfare.
Only the very best and loyal players only can wear the [ EF] clan tag.
If you are interested in joining us, please apply from the link at the top.

EF Official Destiny Roster
  • [ EF] Nymphas
  • [ EF] Exelzion
  • [ EF] lLennyl
  • [ EF] iSlayer_T1
  • [ EF] brickheed
  • [ EF] CodeofWar
  • [ EF] Duncrx7

Members on trial
  • [ EF] JAwAiiKA