Clan total stats
KDR:           00000
Total Kills:   00000
Total Wins:   00000
Total Loss:   00000
Win Ratio:     00000
Headshots:   00000

EF Official Destiny Roster
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EF and Destiny

What's expected of EF on Destiny
The focus of our clan during destiny is in the crucible!
Unfortunately, bungie have not released any clan v clan yet
The main focus is win streaks in team death match (clash)
If anyone is intresting in joining, please go to the "apply to join" section.
Destiny is a fairly new game we have a 1.60 kd in place to to able to join
We will review the application and may get back to you for a possible trial.
The KD ecpectations will rise as the game and maps become known.

EF Official Destiny Roster
  • [ EF] Nymphas
  • [ EF] Exelzion
  • [ EF] lLennyl
  • [ EF] Bountyyyhunter
  • [ EF] brickheed
  • [ EF] CodeOfWar
  • [ EF] Brambo_haze
  • [ EF] DuncRx7
  • [ EF] iProteus-